We are the leading bespoke counter manufacturer



We create custom counters and displays to suit your needs



State-of-the-art manufacturing by highly skilled engineers and designers



Leaders in innovation

High quality

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Skilful engineers

Proline is one of the leading bespoke counter manufacturers in the UK.

Constantly looking to develop new ideas, methods of manufacture and sourcing new materials, and pro-active in finding ways to reduce our Carbon footprint.

All Proline employees are passionate about the products they deliver and have a vast amount of experience in this industry to call upon.

Light, uniform lines were utilised in this open deli area for our client in central London.

The completed scheme showcases a corian top finish with painted white glass frontages & a stainless steel kicking plinth.

It’s fair to say our client is very happy with the end result!


When choosing a company’s services/products, what requirement is most important to you?

Street food offerings are dominating the FES market at the moment. Here, we incorporated heated/chilled displays to suit a street food style of dining.

Plus the use of external building products enhance the overall impression of the design in keeping with current style trends.

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Proline counters are more than just an aesthetically pleasing feature, they’re versatile and practical too.

In this project, integral refrigeration was used within the servery area to showcase food and refreshments.

We recently completed this minimalist, serene style scheme for kitchen trade giant, @HowdensJoinery in their new Northampton HQ!

This project was completed for our distributor @IFSEuk who were great support. The finished scheme made for another very happy client! ✨


One of the latest trends for counter design is thin worktops, but which would work best in your venue?

To boost your business’s profits, you need to be presenting your products practically.

This is achieved through tempting displays, contemporary counters with clever lighting which helps enhance product appearance and make it more attractive to the customer.

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