The effects Brexit will have on the Catering Equipment Industry

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With Brexit on the horizon, Proline have taken a look at the effects of the upcoming political climate on the catering equipment industry and have shared our opinions in the latest edition of Catering Insight.

As experts in quality fabrication for the foodservice and hospitality industry, the cost of raw materials is something which always has an impact on us. However, we haven’t really judged how the raw material costs will be affected by Brexit.

Here at Proline, we won’t be looking to predict anything until a deal or, even no deal, scenario has been finalised. In the last two years, costs have remained fairly static – for instance, steel, which we buy a lot of in sheet and tube form is a commodity that is floated on the stock market so prices can fluctuate.

To find out more, read the full story on Catering Insight…


A Solution For Every Scenario

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When it comes to choosing counter equipment, we at Proline know that there are several types of food display products available for catering operations, which is why we have put together some useful tips and advice on choosing the right equipment for you.

Firstly, it is important to make sure you buy the right type of display for the product being offered as some displays, depending on the product within it, can dry out or even freeze.

Before buying any equipment, caterers should consider three vital things – design, lifespan and value for money. Bearing these points in mind will ensure that the caterer is getting the most out of their purchase and will determine whether it is suitable for the operation.

At Proline, we supply a wide range of heated and chilled counter equipment that will suit any kind of catering operation.

From heated displays which are traditionally made using ceramic glass hot plates, to dry or wet well Bain Marie counters which have both bottom heat and quartz heat above for maximum efficiency, there are a range of different counter styles and displays available.

The method of induction cooking is also becoming more prominent in the UK foodservice market, which has seen chefs looking to showcase their cooking in a theatre-style environment. For those looking to implement a theatre element without actually using induction, contact cooled and frost-top displays are also great for visual impact.

Chilled displays are also a popular option and tend to be fan blown for the display of foods such as salad, pizza, sandwich toppings, cakes and other similar foods. For displaying pre-packed sandwiches, cakes and drinks, multitiered displays are ideal for doing this.

All of our displays are designed and manufactured to serve the same purpose and that is to showcase what is on offer whilst still maintaining the food’s temperature.

The more visually appealing the display the better, which is why we have found that UV bonded glass boxes are very popular amongst caterers as they give a full sight of the products on offer.
The use of lighting within the counter equipment can also be an advantage for this, as it helps to enhance product appearance.

Although every caterer has their essential products in the kitchen, this all depends on the diversity of the menu whether it is traditional food being offered or a modern twist on street food.

Whatever the menu style, it is important to make food and drink look appealing and attractive in the displays, whether this is using different finishes such as bright polished stainless steel, colour-coated steel or low ion glass.

So if you’re looking for good quality, attractive counter and food displays, Proline manufacture bespoke displays made to suit what the end user requires, and also offer 12 months parts and labour.

For more information on counter equipment and food displays, call one of the team today on 0151 548 1976.


Our Hotelympia Success

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We had a fantastic time down at the ExCel for Hotelympia last week, it was great to speak to so many hospitality and foodservice professionals and show them exactly what we can do.

Here at Proline, we are proud of to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke counters and our aim at Hotelympia was to share this with as many people as we could.

Our time at Hotelympia was spent exhibiting a mix old and new styles, from recycled door frontage and mild steel gantries to a refrigeration system that comprised a R290 water cooled hydrocarbon compressor chilling a high capacity multi-tier and a concealed contact cooled frost top under a Dekton worktop.

The high-end finishes including Dekton, brass, a new range of concrete Corian and Proline hanging heat lamps that come in varying colours.

We were also proud to offer a free bottle of champagne to those who placed orders over £10,000 at the show.

We would like to say a special thank you to JDS, Shine, Gratte Brothers and the Airedale Group who all placed their orders at Hotelympia and received bottles of fizz!

Big thank you to all who came to visit us too, it was great to see so many old and new faces. If anyone has any questions please get in touch.

Find Us at Hotelympia 2018

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If you’re attending Hotelympia 2018, make sure you come and visit us on stand 1348!

We’re pleased to be exhibiting at the four day event which runs from March 5 to 8 and can be found within The Professional Kitchen Show which aims to showcase the very latest in catering equipment.

Hotelympia is the UK’s market leading hospitality and foodservice event and has been running for over eight decades – we can’t wait to be there to tell you all about what we at Proline can offer.

Our team here at Proline are proud to be specialists in the design and manufacture of quality counters and those who visit our stand will see us showcase the very best in the bespoke equipment we develop from our HQ.

As leaders in counter innovation within the UK market, we will be on hand to discuss your ideas and the methods behind what you do, and perhaps begin the journey of turning your ideas into a reality.

If you’d like to visit us at Hotelympia, make sure you register for your chance to attend now – visit to find out more.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please get in touch by giving us a call on 0151 548 1976 or email us at


Welcoming In 2018

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It’s a New Year which brings a host of new challenges for Proline, with many projects lined up for completion and new projects beginning their initial works. Although we’ve all enjoyed some time at home with friends and family, our team have a strong work ethic and have been itching to get back at it. Looking back on 2017, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many clients and partners both new and returning.

It’s been a year of truly unique projects ranging from boutique offerings through to large scale world class facilities. In 2018 we hope to continue old habits in ensuring we deliver durable, versatile and stylish projects across the board. We’re always looking at new ways in which we can improve our business and range of products we can deliver and hope that over the course of the next year we can continue to grow and continue to satisfy our customers. Happy New Year from all of us at Proline!


Christmas Arrives at Proline!

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Christmas has officially landed here at Proline.

The team have got turkey and mulled wine on their mind and are looking forward to celebrations and some well earned relaxation with friends and family.

But before we head for the Christmas period, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

The offce will be closing for Christmas on December 20, but we’ll be back and ready to answer any of your queries from January 3. 

We are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke counters and are looking forward to a very successful 2018 – we hope you’ll join us on this journey. 

Until then, enjoy the festive period – eat, drink and be merry!

Merry Christmas from all of the team at Proline. 


A look back at our Waitrose Project, Basingview

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Proline’s work on Waitrose’s Basingview store still looks as good today as it did on the day of completion. Here’s a look into the work we did on site…

The team began work on the Basingstoke store of leading supermarket chain Waitrose back in April 2016, working on the counter fit out of the shop’s new cafe, wine bar and bakery. 

We recently went onto the site and were pleased to see that the counters still looks as good over 16 months since the original installation.

Using corian, timber and glass as our main materials we manufactured the bespoke food servery and display counters throughout the three areas, some of which included integral refrigeration. 

The look of these custom counters and display were all expertly designed to match the high-end offering that Waitrose provides its customers and is coherent with its upmarket cafe, wine bar and bakery.

This project came with the usual challenges that we are well experience in overcoming, including site access and delivery restrictions.

To see the finished product and seeing that it still looks so good is a massive highlight for all of the Proline team involved.

To find out how we can deliver custom counters for your operation, call us on 0151 548 1976.


Local project has been an enjoyable one for the Proline team

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Proline Corp have recently completed work on a local project in the heart of Liverpool.

LIV is a specialist health food superstore new to Liverpool’s city centre which delivers a modern twist on the concept of the weekly food shop, by offering the best in organic, natural and free from foods. 

Proline were brought onto the project, which is situated in Radiant House, the former home of the Liverpool Gas Company, to create a front of house servery counter which incorporated a chilled display deli, marble worktops and blackened mild steel frontage. 

The team were asked to create a back bar with stainless steel worktop and cupboard storage underneath, as well as a free-standing chilled display, which was multitiered with reclaimed scaffold boards and a filled and painted washed finish. They also provided cash and beverage counters with marble worktops and detailed steel frontage.

During the contract period, Proline received further instruction for a large amount of retail shelving that was to be created from blackened mild steel, with a lacquered finish and scaffold board shelves. 

Proline created marble topped bakery display tables with wooden legs and stainless steel shoes, refurbished the cast iron fire place and wooden surround with a brand new granite inlay.

They also installed blackened steel balustrading, plywood fruit display boxes with stainless steel trays and hinged doors below, window display frames and scaffold board impulse end boxes.

Bespoke mild steel framework was created bespoke with refurbished leaded glass windows set within the timber framed shelving. They also added mild steel cladding to the extract canopy, and even mirrored the years old ceiling pattern with a series of MDF templates. 

Paul Curran, Estimating Manager at Proline, said: “The LIV project overall is a great selling tool for us, it shows the vast array of work that we are capable of and has become something of a working showroom where we can take our customers, especially as it is located just six miles from our office.”

Take a look at the project here:


Counter display, the Proline view…

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We were recently asked to contribute to an article on counter display equipment for Ooh (Out Of Home). As experts in the field, it’s our job to understand the best solutions for every situation. The below is a look into the questions raised and our responses with regards to best practices, insight and experience from Proline estimating manager Paul Curran.

– What are the different types of counter display equipment available?

There are numerous varieties of counter display equipment available. Heated displays traditionally are ceramic glass hot plates, or there are dry or wet well Bain Marie, which both have bottom heat and quartz heat above.

The recent introduction of induction cooking into the market has seen chefs wanting to showcase their cooking in a theatre-style environment. Contact cooled and frost top displays are also used for visual impact and theatre.

Chilled displays tend to be fan blown for the display of salad, pizza, sandwich toppings, cakes and other items like this. Multitiered displays are for perfect for pre-packed sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

– What difference do they make to customers choosing their meals?
All displays are designed and manufactured to serve the same purpose and that is to showcase what is on offer. The more visually appealing the display the better, which is why we have found that UV bonded glass boxes are very popular as they give full sight of the products on offer. Special lighting can also be an advantage as it helps to enhance the product appearance.

– How can the food or drink offer be made more attractive?

Making a food and drink offer more attractive depends on the type of display and the product being displayed. The finishes to displays can be altered, such as bright polished stainless steel, colour coated steel and low ion glass.  

– What one tip would you offer someone who is buying counter display equipment?

 Make sure you buy the right type of display for the product being offered, some displays, dependent on the product will dry out or freeze.

We manufacture bespoke displays tailored to suit the end user, such as chilled and heated displays, meat hangings fridges and champagne display fridges. If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please do get in touch! We are confident in what we do and pride ourselves on being industry leading experts.

Keep a look out in the industry press for the complete feature! Thanks for reading